Ensuring QoS in Hybrid Networks using Dynamic Path Selection​

Organizations adopting Hybrid Networks have multiple physical connectivity options like MPLS, Internet, 4G, satellite network, etc. When structuring their infrastructure they typically make static mappings. For example Data Centre to Branch office traffic is configured to use MPLS, and Data Centre to SaaS deployment is configured to use the Internet. The mapping can also be based on traffic, for example, Video traffic through Internet, Voice traffic through 4G. 

However, a facility to make this selection at run time depending on the network condition gives more flexibility, better User Experience and higher ROI on infrastructure.

Dynamic Path Selection in Hybrid Networks

Alumnus implemented Dynamic Path Selection solution to dynamically choose the best network based on their current condition and the traffic requirement. As a result, If a network is down or exhibits fluctuating bandwidth, user traffic is seamlessly switched to the next best available network.