Hybrid App Connectivity / Orchestration Platform

Hybrid Integration Platforms (HIP) make it simpler to integrate data and applications across on-premise and multi-cloud environment. While many well-known HIPs provide core functionality, Alumnus crafted a purpose-built Hybrid App Connectivity platform for the specific needs of a client. 

The client needed to create a framework to connect ‘modules’ to orchestrate complex workflows. A module is an independent piece of software, like an App. It could be distributed, have varied input & output data formats, and could be cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac, cloud, hybrid).

Alumnus built a hybrid integration / connectivity platform to craft, execute & monitor a pipeline with the following features:

  • Allows creation of static or dynamic (condition driven) pipelines.
  • Connects producer and consumer modules using a Broker. The broker has a data format independent of the input or output formats of the individual nodes.​
  • Provides SDK in different languages (Java, JS, python) to enable developers to write customized modules easily​.
  • Provides centralized event logging and searching.​
  • Is able to handle streaming / high frequency data 
  • Is highly scalable and can be deployed in Cloud or on-premise.
  • The dashboard allows workflow creation and live pipeline state monitoring​.​

Alumnus Hybrid Integration Platform allows building dynamic pipelines of modules, deployable across different systems and networks