Enhanced Sensor Accuracy using AI and ML

Stud Detection using AI & ML

Imagine building a library of all studs that lie behind walls … every single wall  (in countries where it is customary to use studs). If such a library were available, then one could take out the drudgery of stud detection, needed to be done for various odd / important jobs at unpredictable times. Projecting an image of the studs onto the wall would suffice.

Alumnus created a method to create digitised maps of wall surfaces, and the materials behind it. We devised a solution where a stud detector device with a mounted LED would scan walls and a camera would capture the LED bleeps.  

The image data is collected, pre-processed and correlated to pinpoint the location of the stud detectors. Machine Learning (ML) is then used to detect the coordinates of the studs with a high degree of accuracy. 

A digitised wall map was created using reverse transformation. To enhance usability, device calibration was done, a desktop app allowed uploading data to the cloud and a mobile app offered visualizations of the signal heatmap and predicted stud location.