DLNA Certification Framework

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) was formed over a decade ago to create operating standards to be met by all devices serving the consumer electronics market. A mechanism was also drawn up to certify conformance of these devices to those standards using an industry-standard toolset. Achieving conformance to the standards was seen as a pre-requisite to be successful in the marketplace.

Working closely with DLNA, Alumnus transformed the standards into a set of conformance test suites to assess and certify compliance of all devices to those standards.​ Alumnus worked on core framework components such as:​

  • ​UPnP and content sharing​
  • Media Streaming Server​
  • Player/Renderer Device emulators​
  • media alignment and scaling support for more than thirty media profiles including MPEG TS, MPEG PS, H.264, MP4, AAC, MP3  etc.​

​The live-stream emulation and testing capability was also built for the DLNA test tool frameworks.

DLNA - Digital Living Network Alliance