Data Logger for Railway Signaling

In Railway Signaling, input actuator data and human commands are translated by signaling software to output signals to drive equipment related to signaling. A data logger captures both the input and output signals. This provides a complete picture of of the system on a time-graph. 

The data is useful for equipment health check as well as forensic evidence for mishaps. We designed and created the Data Logger from scratch.

An Interface was created for data-logging of events in the signaling room of a railway station to assess performance and analyse events before-during-after railway mishaps. ​

Equipment for Railway Signaling

Data was logged from the outputs as well as inputs of a typical Solid-state Signaling setup. The interface developed had 128 X 2 digital inputs/outputs (configurable as 4 banks of 64 lines) and 8 analog inputs. The interface had its own SD card storage for about a week’s data that could be downloaded from a central control centre over a serial link or copied onto portable storage devices.

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