BSPs for Multicore systems

For a large supplier of automotive and industrial robotics software, Alumnus developed a collection of Board Support Packages (BSP) for Asymmetric Multi-processing environments on Real Time hardware platforms.

Multi core system dashboard

The solution allows the same hardware to be segregated into logical clusters, each with its own RTOS. Exclusion control and synchronization mechanism were developed for shared resources such as flash drives, interrupt lines and data buses.

One of the major software component that was developed, was the synchronized communication channels between these logically separated clusters. Sub-component software provided cluster exclusion management, shared memory management, and inter-cluster software interrupts.

Building on these BSP components, a distributed file system was created for the multi-cluster RTOS systems, that provided transparent file system access to all clusters, irrespective of whether the cluster had direct access to the file system or not.

Such multi-cluster systems are now common in modern cars. Multiple ECUs, for example the Suspension Control Module,  Telematics Control Unit and Infotainment Unit, each having different real time requirements, are often integrated into cockpit clusters.