Business with Alumnus

Business with us

To do business with Alumnus, our customers need to know some answers about Alumnus, besides how can we be of help.
1.When was Alumnus incorporated?
Alumnus Software Limited was incorporated in December 2000.
2.What is the ownership of Alumnus?
Alumnus is closely held between investors, founders and also has Employee shareholding. It is a Public Limited Company (unlisted) subject to most Disclosure norms which apply to listed corporations.
3.How many engineers does Alumnus employ?
130+ (Q2 2016).
4.Who are Alumnus's customers?

Our customers are located round the globe.

The typical Alumnus customer is a company working on new cutting edge technology with aggressive expansion targets. Most of our customers have a well-diversified installed base of their products. Some of them are clear market leaders of the technology industry. So, our clientele includes fortune 100, fortune 500 companies as well as disruptive technology business start-ups.

Most of our customers have agreements which restrict disclosure of their identity, given we are so frequently engaged in their upcoming market releases. However, on request they would largely be willing to act as references.

5.What is the revenue model that Alumnus follows?
Alumnus works on multiple business models -from pure services (fixed cost, time and materials) to licensing our solutions (shared risk and license model, pure IP licensing). The exact model depends on the specifics of the project (complexity, effort expended etc.).
6.What kind of warranty/support does Alumnus provide?
Alumnus warrantees any solution provided for a pre-agreed duration of time after acceptance (typically two months). Thenceforth, Alumnus can undertake a maintenance contract with the objective of ensuring transition to changing environments and also any bugs which may be discovered after delivery and acceptance.
7.What is the typical methodology that Alumnus follows?
Proposal Stage:
  • Thorough understanding of client’s needs through detailed system study.
  • Understanding client’s requirements including technology preferences.
  • Providing the client with a brief sketch of the solution development plan and how we can help to achievethe business goals.
  • Signing a Contract or Agreement with the Client.
  • Issuance of Work-order.
Pre-Production Stage:
  • Detail project plan sketches are provided to the client.
  • Finalization of the project plan.
  • Approval of project plan from the client.
Production Stage:
  • Work on defined modules.
  • Integrate modules.
  • Carrying out consequent quality assurance and testing.
  • Review with clients constantly by proper means of communication.
  • Deployment of beta release to the client.
Post-Production Stage:
  • Quality testing and stress analysis.
  • Client approval about the project.
  • Final Deployment.
  • Maintenance phase initiation if maintenance is a part of the contract
8.Can Alumnus provide customer references?
Yes. On customer request and to help their due diligence, Alumnus does provide references.
9.Does Alumnus provide manpower at customer sites?
Manpower augmentation is not a part of our business model. However, for activities which are a part of an assignment, Alumnus engineers can travel to customer sites.