Alumnus traditionally has participated in creating technology. Businesses today, need technologists to build applications for business.


Case 1
1. Bio Technology Gadgets Marketplace / Gadgets builder

Alumnus has built a marketplace that hosts Open Source biotech “Gadgets” (a Gadget being similar to “App” in an App marketplace). The Gadget is essentially a biotechnology tool which processes medical data. Users can search for such apps and pipeline them (a pipeline allows the output of one gadget to be the input of another) to create different workflows for solving their specific problems. The fundamental problem it solves is that researchers are not familiar with all tools which may be in the pipeline, and our software largely helps them overcome that problem. One can ‘install’ these gadgets on multiple computers – (supports Mac and Windows), connect them, save execution states, search for compatible gadgets, transfer data from one device to another, and perform other management activities through a dashboard. A builder tool and a Developer SDK enables third party developers to build gadgets for this platform.

Case 8
2. E- Learning mobile Application

Alumnus was engaged in developing a e-learning Android application for Group Study and other education related services. The students can access documents in multiple formats, create discussion threads, upload media, create content items etc. using HTTPS based RESTful APIs. The contents got stored in Cloud (Amazon AWS S3).

The mobile application had the following features:

  • Create Notebooks for different subjects.
  • Invite friends to join and contribute Study Materials to the Notebooks.
  • Share Tips, Resources, Ideas, Questions & Answers, and even classroom Lecture Videos.
  • Choose from thousands of Free courses from Institutions and Publishers.
  • Download courses to browse when not connected to the network.
  • Share with friends and learn Free Courses together.

Case 2
3. Bio Medical Content Aggregator

Alumnus has built a web place that serves as a customizable portal which helps the researcher do aggregate RSS feeds of interest and put them in categories.
It serves as an advanced tool which searches for relevance within the RSS feeds. Feeds are categories for Subject, Popularity, Timeline etc.
It also does follow through activities like saving marked content to the User’s Evernote account, sharing content with social networking accounts etc.
Other than RSS feeds, sources of search handled includes Google Books, Google Scholar, Google Image, PubMed, Slide Share, patents, etc.
The portal includes all of the above in an excellent responsive UI design. The software also has an Administrative section contained within the portal for the Content Manager.

Data extraction
4. Data extraction from Mobile Device Management Tools

The overall solution targets making available current data on health / availability / use patterns etc. of assets (in this case hand held scanners).

  • Alumnus is engaged in offering a Data extraction service using ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) mechanism.
  • The solution includes installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of a part of the system that connects data from customer’s devices (managed through standard Mobile Device Management Tools like SOTI / Air Watch) to a cloud based storage (AWS PaaS), which is then accessed for analysis and reporting.
  • The operational environment consists of multiple customer sites (e.g. factories, warehouses, field service routes etc.) and may include third party locations (e.g. repair center, spare pool, staging depot, etc.).

The key objectives of analytics are:

  • Provide full asset visibility on device utilization, battery statistics, location of the customer’s devices
  • Receive and share key performance indicators of the devices.
  • Improve control of devices for a proactive service management.

Stock Trading
5. Stock Trading

Alumnus developed a highly optimized Order and Execution Management system currently deployed in Direct Market Access (DMA) Gateways of Banks in Asia.

The solution had the following features:

  • Capability of handling load of 1.5 million transactions.
  • Could handle simultaneous trade requests.
  • Standard order types and alerting mechanisms.
  • Ultra low processing latency.
  • Integrated with real time market feeds from Reuters and Activ.
  • Risk checks to ensure only proper order hits the exchange

The solution Involved thorough understanding of ACTIV and Reuters Market Feed API and FIX4.2 protocol standards.

Smartphone Program
6. Smartphone Based Loyalty Program for The Retail Sector

Alumnus developed a customer loyalty framework (Server, Portal and Client Application) that enables an Enterprise to provide mobile, paper-free but secure Loyalty service to its customers across its chain of shops.

  • The customers could easily access the loyalty coupon service via smart phone based client apps.
  • The App provides the facility to collate discount offerings from different enterprises at one place.
  • Store Locator feature was implemented to display nearest stores of the Retailer.
  • The service offers discount tracking and integration with popular Social Networking websites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) as well.
  • The solution is backed by analytical dashboards. These help in the effective tracking of promotion performance, the growth of members, usage of value-added services, financial impact of outstanding vouchers and their associated points liability.