About Us

Today's business solutions are built better by Alumnus as we are one of the very few who reside on that edge where technologies converge

At Alumnus we have a highly skilled leadership and engineering team that is both aware of the latest technologies and trends and also attuned to our customer’s needs. We take pride in partnering with the world’s leading technology companies, from established industry leaders to disruptive start ups.

We are excited to solve challenging problems in technology but our focus is always on our customer. We have more than fifteen years of experience delivering solutions in the domains of embedded systems, networking and analytics.

We work with global businesses across domains and in multiple engagement models, from pure services (fixed cost, time and materials) to licensing our solutions (shared risk and license model, pure IP licensing).

When not working we hike mountains, ride bikes, read, write and act on stage and debate about movies. Our engineers and analysts are also talented musicians, photographers, chefs, actors, stage directors, gamers and travelers.


Enterprise class Data Analytics, Very large sized Data Management / Big Data Techniques, Text Analytics, Entire range of Communication (Networking) Technology, Software for Carrier grade Networks, A range of Embedded Software for Consumer Electronic Devices, Mobility and Mobile apps.

Doing Business With Us

Our engagement models vary from pure services to licensing our solutions. Alumnus undertakes maintenance contracts ensuring addressal of issues which emerge after delivery.

Who we are

We are a group of about 150 software engineers and growing. We are creative and very flexible, therefore good at finding solutions to real life problems. We are based out of India in Kolkata.

We Support Research

From funding a start-up that develops in-silico computer algorithms and software architecture to accelerate drug molecule and artificial enzyme screening and discovery, to actively partnering in projects visualized by global research institutes, Alumnus has actively supported and collaborated with Research over the years.


Trysts with the Best

Alumnus has worked with several disruptive technology start-ups. At the other end of the spectrum, we work for Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 clients.

We Love Open Source

Our engineers regularly contribute to Open Source software including the Linux kernel and in domains of Networking, Security and Web technologies.


Quality and Innovation

We encourage individual creativity and empower our engineers to react best to the individual project needs. At the same time, we take stringent measures to ensure quality of the end deliverables.